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Organizations I volunteer(ed) with

Haley House is a provider of housing, jobs, food, and community

Groundwork Somerville teaches kids about the environment

Housing Families provides housing and resources to families at risk for homelessness

Somerville High School teaches kids stuff

Daily Table cooks and sells rescued food in a low-income community

Food for Free gives food to people who need food

Community Cooks lets you cook food for organizations that need it

Boston Area Gleaners rescue surplus crops from local farms

Cooking Matters teaches people about nutrition and cooking

CitySprouts does gardens in schools

Groups from MIT

tEp is a living group full of awesome people

Shotokan Karate teaches martial arts techniques as well as coordination, focus, and teamwork

D-Lab empowers people around the world to solve problems in their communities

East Campus is my dorm

Fifth East is my hall

BrainTrust is a club that combines neuroscience and community service

BCSS is the undergraduate Brain and Cognitive Sciences Society

technique is MIT's yearbook